Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture is a new program at Highland Community College and is available at two HCC locations - the Technical Center in Atchison and the Western Center in Baileyville.  

What is Precision Ag?

Precision Agriculture is a study of the basic principles of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Global Position System (GPS) and how the systems, along with the currently available and emerging technologies, are applied to the site-specific management of production agricultural resources, as a producer, advisor, or technician in the Precision Agricultural Field. 

Program content includes:

  • GPS Soil Sampling
  • Remote Sensing Technology
  • Computer-Based Applications
  • Variable Rate Technology
  • Hands-on Learning


Why consider Precision Ag?

Precision Ag is used more and more in local farming operations. With the increasing availability of such mapping technologies as GPS (Global Positioning Systems) and GIS (Geographic Information Systems), Precision Ag technicians will install, operate, troubleshoot, and repair precision ag systems. Technicians will also use advanced processing software to collect, visualize, and analyze data.

Students completing a certificate or degree program in Precision Ag will be more competent in their own farm operations or obtain positions such as Precision Ag Technicians (implement dealers), Crop Specialists, Nutrient Management Specialists, Precision Ag Department Managers, Precision Agronomists, and Precision Farming Coordinators.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in Precision Ag are expected to grow 10-19% from now through 2020. The average salary for someone working in this field is just over $40,000 per year.


What degrees are offered?

HCC offers a certificate program and an AAS degree in Precision Agriculture


Helpful Resources



First Semester



AB 114

Agriculture Orientation


AB 116

Applied Agronomy for Precision Ag


AB 130

Precision Farming Systems


AB 118

Agricultural GIS


AB 138

Remote Sensing


AB 148

Positioning Systems Management    



Total for First Semester


Second Semester    

AB 128

Agriculture Electronic Devices & Systems


AB 132

Agricultural Data Management Systems   


AB 134

Precision Farming Hardware  


AB 142

Field Mapping for Decision Making 


AB 146

Aerial Systems Management


AB 244

Precision Agriculture Capstone



Total for Second Semester



Total Credits for Certificate



For more information

Cara Baker, Western Center Director, 785-442-6240

Amy DuLac, Technical Center Admissions/Student Services Representative, 785-442-6180

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