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Q: As a high school student do I have an advisor?

A: As a high school student you are not specifically assigned to an academic advisor on campus. However, we understand that you want to get the most out of your concurrent classes based on your goals for the future so our Student Services Specialist for Concurrent Programming, would love to help you with degree planning, picking classes that are right for you, and any other questions you may have. Please call (785) 442-6141 or email at for assistance. You can also utilize your high school counselor or building representative when making choices about what courses are right for you. If you’re not sure who to contact, please visit High Schools.


Q: What if I do poorly in my college classes? It won’t matter yet, right?

A: Wrong. Your college transcript and GPA start with your first college class. Low or failing grades in your concurrent college classes affect your overall GPA, which can affect your eligibility for federal financial aid, scholarships, and future college program acceptance. 


Q: What happens if I or a family member have a medical emergency and I am unable to complete some or all of my course?

A: If a crisis happens that would hinder your participation in your HCC classes, please, first communicate with the instructor of the class. Letting them know ahead of time or as soon as possible about the situation will allow them to work with you on finding a solution and helping you to finish the course successfully. If you don’t believe you will be able to finish the course please contact the Director of Concurrent Instruction and complete the “Medical or Hardship Withdrawal”.


Q: How will I know if my classes will transfer to the school I want to transfer to after HCC?

A: Over 90 courses are listed on the Kansas Seamless Transfer list. These are guaranteed transfer to any community college and regent college in the state of Kansas. There is a Transfer Guides link on the concurrent website with more information on transferring your courses. If you still aren’t sure please contact the school in which you are considering transferring to. Every institution has different credits they will and will not accept based on curriculum and other policies.


Q: How do I transfer my classes to the college I’m attending full-time after graduation?

A: You will need to complete a transcript request after final grades have posted for your HCC classes. You can complete a transcript request in your MyHCC account under the Grades tab. Or you can print a Transcript Request on our website.


Q: Can my parent or guardian call you with questions regarding my application, account or grades?  .

A: The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) allows HCC to release student directory information i.e. student addresses, emails, majors, and some additional information. We prefer that the student reach out with any complication they have in the application process so that they are able to do so with ease in the future both at our school and others, as most application processes are similar no matter the institution. If the student is not able to reach out through either email or phone call for some reason, we would be happy to answer general questions for parents. However, in order to discuss a student account, we would need a FERPA release signed, stating it was okay to do so. FERPA DOES NOT allow HCC to give information on grades, SS numbers, student schedules, or student account information to anyone, including parents UNLESS the student has given consent by signing the FERPA release form. HCC staff will never discuss grades or specific assignments with any third party, only the student themselves. For more information on FERPA, please visit: Student Right to Know.



Q: Can I apply for financial aid to pay for my concurrent classes?

A: High school students do not qualify for financial aid. All course tuition and fees must be paid out of pocket.


Q: How much are my classes?

You can view tuition and fee information here: Tuition Costs.

Doniphan County high school students’ tuition and fees are waived, however may be responsible for additional supplemental fees. More information can be found here: Concurrent Tuition and Payments.


Q: How do I pay my bill? What payment plan options do you have?

There are many ways you can pay your bill. The easiest and most convenient way to pay your bill is by logging into your HCC account and selecting the MyHCC application. For more information and listed instructions please visit: Concurrent Tuition and Payments.

Payment plans are also available. There is a $25 non-refundable fee as well as 10% of the total cost when setting up your payment plan. For more information please visit: HCC Payment Plans.


Q: I heard there are concurrent classes I can take for free. Which classes are those?

A: Excel in CTE is a program that allows Kansas high school students to enroll in technical education programs and other select classes tuition free. You can find more information about this program and possible fees that may still apply on the Excel in CTE webpage.


Q: I need a 1098-T tax form. How do I get one?

A downloadable version of your 1098-T tax form can be accessed through your MyHCC account. Log in and choose consent and reports tab to begin. For more information or detailed instructions please visit: Form 1098-T Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why am I charged for textbooks? The school provides my books.

Although the school may provide you the books needed for your concurrent classes, those books are property of HCC. For your convenience and the benefit of yourself and students to come, we charge small fees for our textbook so you have the convenience of not having to rent or buy a textbook yourself, to maintain the quality of the textbooks we have, and to be able to acquire new textbooks when needed.   .


Q: I have a hold on my account, what do I do?

Student accounts are put on hold for a variety of reasons: balance due, missing social security number, incorrect email address on file, etc. Depending on the hold you may contact concurrent staff or financial services to resolve the hold and continue with the registration process.


Application for Admission

Q: I want to apply to take concurrent classes. Where do I start?

A: Students first step with HCC is to Apply for Admission. We understand that applying to take classes can be overwhelming. The HCC Concurrent Program has provided a numbered checklist for students to follow under “Getting Started".


Q: I have completed the high school application for admission. What do I do now?

A: CHECK YOUR EMAIL! Because our concurrent department is small and our service area is large, we rely heavily on email communication. You will receive an email from with your username, temporary password, and student ID. You will also receive an email from within 1-3 business days of submitting your application with instructions on what to do next. Please read through it and open all attachments with directions on how to access your HCC account and enroll online.


Q: I have applied for and taken classes through HCC in the past. Do I need to apply for admissions again?

A: Current students (attended within the past two semesters) do not need to reapply to take online, regional, or concurrent classes. If you have not enrolled within the past two semesters, then it is necessary for you to apply for admissions again. If you are graduating from high school and would like to attend HCC as a full-time student, you will also need to reapply as a Regular Student.


Q: Can I only take classes offered at my school or under HS-Online location in the class search?    .

A: High school students can take any classes offered at HCC as long as they have met the prerequisite for that specific class. The classes offered by the school are specific to your school and only students attending that school may enroll. Classes listed under the HS Online location on the class search in MyHCC are simply online classes that are offered by HCC for high school students only. These classes are most often required as  prerequisites for degrees, transfer easily, are taken more often by high school students, and are most practical for students taking college level courses for the first time. Additionally, these classes are assessed the concurrent tuition and fee rate and will follow a slightly different semester calendar that is more conducive to a high school students unique schedule.



Q: What is the difference between concurrent and dual credit enrollment?

A: Concurrent and Dual Enrollment are college credit classes taken by high school students. Concurrent enrollment is classes taught at a high school by an approved high school teacher during the high school day in conjunction with regular high school classes. Dual enrollment is students receiving both high school and college credit for classes taught by an approved HCC instructor.  


Q: What is the maximum number of credit hours I can take as a high school student?

A: Just like any other HCC student you can take a maximum of 18 credit hours during a regular semester with no more than 12 hours during an 8-week session. For the summer session, a student may take a maximum of 12 credit hours. However, when deciding how many credit hours you wish to take keep in mind that these classes are college level courses and you should plan on spending 3 hours a week studying for every credit hour you are taking, especially in online classes. Our goal is for you to be successful, so please consider how much you can reasonably handle while still enjoying high school and navigating everyday life. 


Q: I need to take a placement test (Asset or Accuplacer), how do I do that?

A: Asset testing is offered at each high school once a year, typically in the spring semester. Please contact your school counselor for more information. If testing is needed prior to the scheduled Asset or if you missed the Asset testing offered through your school, you may schedule a placement test through any of our Regional Centers or Campus.


Q: I didn’t meet the prerequisite requirement with my Accuplacer or Asset test. Can I take the test again and is there anything I can study to help with this score?

A: Students may re-test. There is a minimum two-week wait period between testing sessions. A $25 re-testing fee may apply. Online practice tests that can be found on the Eligibility & Prerequisite webpage.


Q: When will I know which courses will be offered at my school next semester? When is the last day to drop a class? When will my final grade be posted?

A: Fall and Summer semester courses are available for enrollment in March. Spring semester courses are available for enrollment in October. You can find a list of important dates, including dropping classes and final grade postings, for each semester on the Concurrent Webpage.


Q: How do I drop a class?

A: If it is no longer an option to drop the class the same way you registered for it online, please email with your: full name, high school, birthdate, student ID if possible, and that you would like to drop it. Please confirm you are within the drop period and you may not be eligible for a refund.  Please review the Important Dates found on the Concurrent Webpage.    .


Q. If I decide during the second semester that I would like college credit for a first semester course in which I was not enrolled, can I enroll retroactively?

No, students must enroll by the posted enrollment deadlines in the current semester the course is offered.


Information Technology

Q: I never received a login ID and password email. How do I get one sent to me?

Your login ID and a temporary password was emailed from shortly after your application is processed. Please check your junk or spam mail on the email account you provided as it does appear in those folders frequently. If you still believe you have not received this email please contact the IT Helpdesk.


Q: I can’t login to my HCC account. Help!

First confirm you are using the correct user id: If you are having trouble remembering your password select the Forgot MyHCC Password link. If you are still having problems please contact the IT Helpdesk.


Q: I need my Student ID to enroll in classes, where can I find that?

A: Your username, HCC email address, temporary password and student ID can all be found shortly after the submission of the high school online application in an email from Please check your junk and spam folders if you do not receive this email before calling for more assistance. If you need your student id to sign up for a payment plan, please login to your MyHCC account and click the My Profile link and select Account Information.


Q: I can’t remember my HCC login ID and password. How do I get that information?

Your HCC login is typically If you cannot remember your password please select the Forgot MyHCC Password link. If you are still having problems please contact the IT Helpdesk.

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