Construction Technology (1 yr)



Are you good with a hammer and nails? Construction Technology is the program for you!

Gain practical experience by building a house. From the foundation to the finishing touches, you'll participate in building a house!  Full-time students can enter the workforce at the completion of this nine-month program. 

The Construction Technology program is approved by the National Center for Construction, Education, and Research (NCCER).   At program completion students will receive NCCER certification. 

Schedule a visit today at the location near you! 

Technical Center (Atchison) 785-442-6180

Western Center (Baileyville) 785-442-6240


Here are some helpful resources:

Note: A student must complete either 2 – 1 year programs or 1 -- 2 year program, plus take these general studies classes in order to be awarded an Associate in Applied Science degree. Technical courses can be no more than 5 years old.




First Semester   Credits
BTT105 Safety & Orientation (OSHA 10) 1
BTT106 Introductory Craft Skills 3
BTT109 Carpentry Basics 4
BTT111 Roof & Framing 3
BTT119 Floors, Walls, & Ceiling Framing 4
BTT121 Residential Concrete Construction 2
  Total for First Semester 17
Second Semester    
BTT155 Residential Interior Finish Carpentry 5
BTT159 Windows, Doors, & Stairs 3
BTT170 Painting, Finishing, & Decorating 4
CST105 Industrial Computer Applications 2
  Total for Second Semester 14
  Total Credits for Certificate 31


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