Sociology Courses

SOC100 Creating Postive Settings for Children and Families (1)

This course will examine how children's mental health and wellness is affected by life events, culture, environment, biology, and relationships. The course will focus on how to create safe and nurturing learning environments and will study the impact that room arrangements, labeling, and comfortable settings have on children and caregivers. The course will explore strategies for working with families to create a healthy atmosphere for children and positive settings for children and families in child care. This course is instructor-led and interactive through discussion boards and assignments.

SOC101 General Sociology (3)

This course provides an introduction to sociology and the basic principles of sociological perspectives, theories, and research methods. The course will focus on the way culture patterns societies and social interaction and how these patterns are transmitted through socialization and social interaction. The course will also cover social stratification systems, social institutions, collective behaviors, social change, and perspectives on how social forces influence human activity and how human activity creates social forces.

SOC102 Marriage and the Family (3)

This course examines the nature, development, functions, and norms of the family in American society as well as in other cultures. The course will focus on courtship, marriage, sexual relations, birth control, male and female roles, kinship, child rearing, divorce, and death in the family.

SOC104 Introduction to Social Work (3)

This course provides an introduction to the field of social work. The course will cover the history, mission, values, and activities of social work practice.  The course will focus on how social workers interact with a diverse client population and contribute to solving social problems. The knowledge and value base of the profession will also be examined.

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SOC105 Death, Loss, and Grief (3)

This course will examine aspects of death and dying. The course will cover the stages of dying and grief and will look at grief from a lifespan perspective. The course will also examine social issues, cultural differences, and legal and ethical issues related to death and dying.

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SOC106 Diversity and Inclusiveness (3)

This course examines human diversity and integrates personal and organizational perspectives, research, and theories. The course will focus on diversity in terms of teamwork, communication, leadership, conflict, social networking, and other issues in the workplace, school, and community.

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SOC 108 Social Gerontology (3)

This course examines how historical, psychological, cultural, social, and biological factors affect the aging process. The course also considers the perceptions that society has of aging, especially successful aging.

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SOC 110 Crisis Intervention (3)

This course will provide an introduction to the basic theories, models, and strategies in crisis intervention when working with individuals, families, and communities. The course will also focus on the integration of ethics and cultural sensitivity strategies in crisis intervention.

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SOC 114 Alcohol and Substance Disorders (3)

This course will examine the use and misuse of drugs and alcohol. The course will cover the biological and psychological effects of drug and alcohol use, the social and legal impact of substance abuse, and the challenges and issues faced by family members. Personal values and beliefs regarding substance use and misuse, current trends, and methods of prevention, intervention, and recovery will also be examined in this course.

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SOC150 Community Leadership (3)

This course will focus on leadership skills and community leadership procedures and techniques. The course will emphasize the principles of project management, including design, planning, follow-up, and closure, as well as problem solving, community diversity, and long-range planning.

SOC200 Sociology Through Film (3)

Prerequisites: SOC 101, SOC 102, or ANT 112 with a C or higher AND ENG 101 Placement

Students will be exposed to an array of films and study the major substantive areas of sociology.  They will be encouraged to critically think, communicate, and write about their social world by utilizing film as not only a reflection of society, but also learning how cinema actually shapes social trends and values. This course is designed to teach key sociological concepts and topics through film. Through these films, students will explore the ways social life is presented, distorted, magnified, or politicized.

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SOC204 Introduction to Nonviolence Studies (3)

This course will examine the theory and practice of nonviolence as a method of social change and as a way of life.  The course will consider the dynamics of violence and nonviolence within individuals and in terms of global issues that affect the future of the Earth and its life forms.  The course will focus on the history of nonviolence movements around the world and on people who have thought about and practiced nonviolence in their lives and work.

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SOC210 Social Problems (3)

Prerequisite: SOC101

This course will examine a wide variety of social problems, including crime, racial discrimination, poverty, drug abuse, disorganization of social institutions, and rapid social change. The course will apply sociological theories to explain social problems and will focus on approaches used to address these problems.

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