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Highland Viticulture and Enology Program hosts a Field Day

published July 30, 2020

Highland Viticulture and Enology Program hosted a Field Day at their Research Vineyard located at the Wamego Center in Wamego, KS.  Twenty-two participants took part in the day-long workshop.  The morning session was led by HCC Viticulture Instructor and Vineyard Manager, Candice Fitch-Deitz.  The session consisted of a tour of the Research Vineyard, demonstrations of various equipment, and discussion about the different vine varieties,  The morning session concluded with a lengthy question and answer session spanning topics from planting vines, vine spacing, irrigation, herbicide drift, pre-harvest netting, harvest parameters, and Highland's vineyard equipment.

Following lunch, the participants toured 456 Wineries which is adjacent to the Wamego Center.  Then Highland Enology Instructor and Winemaker Matthew Kahl led the afternoon session which consisted of sampling and discussing wines made from the Highland Research Vineyard over the past two years.  Participants were allowed to sample and discuss wines such as Frontenac Gris, Brianna, Marquette, Regent, and several others.

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