Human Services

HMS 100 Fundamentals of Human Services (3)

This course provides an overview of the field of human services. The course will cover the history of human services as well as agencies, jobs, workers, and populations served. The course will also examine the major theories of causality and other relevant topics, such as ethics and stress management. Class presentations will be enhanced by actively engaging students in the subject matter.

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HMS 105 Case Management in Human Services (3)

Prerequisite: HMS 100 or SOC 104

This course provides a foundation in effective case management skills. The course covers interviewing strategies, data collection methods, documentation, and making appropriate referrals for service coordination. The course also examines ethical principles and multi-cultural issues directly related to effective case management.

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HMS 110 Health and Physical Aspects of Aging (3)

This course examines the physical changes in the human body and its functions that take place during the aging process. The course will also focus on recognizing the differences between normal aging processes and pathological processes.

Prerequisite: PSY205

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HMS 112 Home Visitor I ECH (3)

This course will cover all areas of child development and will focus on the skills and knowledge professionals need to help parents meet the changing needs of their infants, toddlers and preschoolers.  The course will emphasize getting to know and being sensitive to the community where families live.   In the course, students will complete a Home Visitor Child Development Associate (CDA) professional resource file and will also observe a program director, advisor, and a parent community representative in preparation for CDA credentialing.

Prerequisite: HMS100

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HMS 115 Home Visitor II ECH (3)

This course will cover the final steps necessary for requesting national Home Visitor Child Development Associate (CDA) credentialing.  The course will include working cooperatively with community agencies providing family services, such as health care, mental health, nutrition, and social services.  During the course, students will be observed conducting home visits and will complete parent opinion questionnaires, reflect on their professional development, and complete the direct assessment application for the Home Visitor CDA credential.

Prerequisite: HMS100 and HMS112

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HMS 118 Ethics in Helping Professions (3)

This course provides an analysis of ethics in the helping professions, application of professional ethical codes, and decision-making models when standards are in conflict.  The course will present ethical problems faced by professionals and will critically examine the decision making process.

Prerequisite: HMS100 or SOC104

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HMS 250 Human Services Practicum I (3)

This course is designed to provide the student with a hands-on experience in an approved human services agency. Students will review the process for setting up a placement, understanding professional requirements for an interview, and complete a series of critical thinking and reflective assignments.  The student will complete 225 hours under the supervision of an agency professional and a college faculty member. The classroom component will include small group discussion and analysis of the practicum experience.  

Prerequisite: Instructor Permission

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