The Student Success Center is committed to the development and understanding of the college experience for all students. The SSC supports Highland Community College’s mission to provide lifelong learning opportunities by way of academic advisors and early intervention services.  Each student has access to an advisor and Main Campus students are assigned a specific advisor for their time at HCC. 


Advisors help with the following services:

  • Discuss educational and career goals

  • Assist students with scheduling and course selection

  • Provide information on degrees, certificates, and transfer requirements

  • Provide referrals to other departments as needed

  • Track progress towards graduation and/or educational goals


Advisors can be faculty, staff members, or athletic coaches.  If a student is taking mainly online classes, please refer to the Online section below.  If a student is taking classes at a center other than the main campus, please see the information below.  Below is the list of the advisors at HCC.  You can find out who your advisor is by looking at the bottom of your student schedule in MyHCC.   


Advisor List:


HCC Campus Advisors


Amy Foley
Top Floor of Yost Hall

Angie Eberly
Wellness Center

Bekkah Landoll
2nd Floor Irvin Hall

Hannah Hearld

Jon Oler
Allen Field House

Joshua Clary
1st Floor of Irvin Hall

Juan Sanchez
Allen Fieldhouse

Kim Bechtold
2nd Floor of Irvin Hall

Lexy Clark

Lisa Parsons
2nd Floor, Irvin Hall

Lydia Harvey
Allen Fieldhouse

Michelle Hurn
CT Room 108

Pamela Fulbright
Lower Level Yost Hall

Ross Davis
Allen Fieldhouse

Sandra Moran
2nd Floor of Porter Family Stadium Center

Sharon Kibbe
LSU Room E

Shayna Leahy
Music Rm, Admin Bldg

Sydney Markt
Allen Field House

Tia Collins
Allen Field House

Todd Meier
CT Room 130



Atchison Technical Center

Lucas Hunzinger

Amy Dulac
Allison Johnson


Western Center

Cara Baker
Angela Sutton


Perry Center

Jennifer Gay


Wamego Center

Nicole Bartel

Lindsey Milburn



Online Education

Denise Peters  
Erin Carlson
Tessa Allen 


Concurrent Education

Sara Smith   

Tessa Allen


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