HCC Online Technical Requirements

To successfully complete courses delivered by HCC Online, you will need a computer, software, and reliable connection to the Internet, as well as basic technology skills.


Mobile devices or tablets may be used for some components of courses, but you should not expect to complete all work on these devices. A computer or laptop is required.

Note: HCC Computer Application courses follow a PC based curriculum.

Minimum System Requirements

Hardware and Software PC MAC
Operating System Windows XP MAC OS 9.0
Memory 512 MB 512 MB
CPU 1.0 GHz or higher Power MAC G3 or higher
Free Disk Space 10 MB or more 10 MB or more
Browser (FireFox is preferred Browser) FireFox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Chrome, Mozilla
Browser Settings JavaScript enabled
Popup blockers disabled
Cookies enabled
JavaScript enabled
Popup blockers disabled
Cookies enabled
Productivity Software MS Office or viewers MS Office or viewers
Internet Connection 56 K modem (DSL recommended) 56 K modem (DSL recommended)
Other Sound card and speakers (microphone and webcam recommended) Sounds card and speakers (microphone and webcam recommended)

If you purchased a computer within the last three years, in all probability your computer meets these requirements. 


HCC provides all enrolled students with free access to Microsoft Office 365. Most classes utilize Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Some courses require additional software as a Consumable Item added to the course cost and sent to the student in their bookstore order. Examples are: QuickBooks for Computerized Accounting, Adobe Lightroom for Photography courses, and Science Lab programs.

Internet Connection

You should always have a back-up plan to accommodate for Internet connection and technology issues.  Public libraries or community gathering or eating places often provide free wi-fi access.

Technology Skills

You should have these basic technology skills:

  • Connect to the Internet
  • Navigating the Internet, HCC Website, and Moodle classroom
  • Install or update hardware and software
  • Manage Plug-ins
    • Plug-ins are small applications that allow your Internet browser to display and/or access the latest tools used in web pages. List of Common Plug-Ins.
  • Use Highland email
  • Add attachments to emails
  • Download a file
  • Upload a file
  • Use a discussion board
  • Use the internet to research information 
  • Cut, copy, paste and save files
  • Create and format multi-page reports

HCC Online provides 24/7 technical support for our Moodle classrooms to assist students with course technology and navigation and Weekday Technical Support for Highland MyHCC and Email account accounts, as well as HCC usernames and passwords.

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